About the Book

I have a life coach; it is heavy metal. Heavy metal changed my life for the better. This book will show you how. Metal reminds me to be independent, to think for myself and to be encouraging. It nudges me toward self-confidence. It helps me focus on the truly important things in life. It leads me to action. And it drives me to take risks. Metal helps me overcome adversity and setbacks. And it keeps me disciplined. It reminds me to be extreme and to be appreciative. It prompts me to live life to the fullest and also reminds me to think about my legacy. Learn how and why heavy metal can be your life coach too.

heavy metal - a type of rock music with a very strong beat played very loud on electric guitars, often using violent or strange language or ideas

life coach - a person who is employed by somebody to give them advice about how to achieve the things they want in their life and work

The two have become one.

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Improve Your Life - Listen to Metal

This is no joke. Heavy metal can positively influence your life. Here's what metal can do for you.

Fill Your Mind with Positivity

Heavy metal can improve your self-image. Talk the talk. Every day.

Build Self-Confidence

Burn confidence into your brain with the tools of the self-help community - metal style.

Reveal the Important Things in Life

Create life goals that will truly lead to fulfillment.

Impel You to Action

Shoulder your battle axe and ride out to war. Nothing to lose.

Drive You to Take Risks

Bust out of your comfort zone. Roll the dice. Take your chance.

Urge You to Persevere

Overcome setbacks, break down barriers, shun the naysayers. Metal's icons will show you the way.

Focus Your Energy

Improve yourself a little bit every friggin' day. Metal's wisdom shall guide you.

Compel You to be Extreme

Go over the top on a regular basis.

Remind You to be Appreciative

Be thankful for what you have and what you don't have. It could be worse.

Push You to Enjoy Life

Enjoy the journey of life. Live it up every day.

Envision Your Legacy

Leave your mark. Metal will inspire you.

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About the Author

Daniel DeLucie is a long time metalhead and the author of one book. He has been listening to heavy metal since 1977. He studied engineering at RPI and MIT and earned a Master’s of Science in 1990. He published a heavy metal fanzine in the early nineties, and a few blogs thereafter. He played guitar in the heavy metal band Destiny’s End, releasing two albums on Metal Blade records and touring the USA and Europe in the late nineties. He also played in the band Crescent Shield who released two albums on Cruz del Sur records and played the Keep it True festival in Germany in 2008. He is married, a father of two girls and lives in Los Angeles CA. He currently works as a Software Architect.

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